Leadville Heavy Half Marathon and Camping!

So my amazing wife Jacqie set out to run the Leadville Heavy Half Marathon this past weekend. What makes this half marathon a heavy one? Well plenty? First off while a regular half marathon is 13.1miles this heavy half is 15.2 miles… Also the starting elevation is at over 10,500ft, and that is the lowest point on the race! Typically the race runs up Mosquito Pass, but this year due to the snowpack as of June 1 was 202% the normal. There were areas on the coarse with over 20ft of snow blocking the way, and heavy avalanche damage. This years race stilled gained over 2,560ft of elevation and topped out at 11,710ft.

Jacqie Finishing the Leadville Heavy Half Marathon

Leadville, Co. is an amazing small town. If you have not spent time there you need to, but when over 1500 people folk to the town it puts a strain on the community, especially for housing. That is fine with the Most Family, we love any opportunity to go camping in the Colorado. So with our Camping Trailer hooked up we heading west! And found a wonderful dispersed camp site above Twin Lakes!

View of the Mountains behind Twin Lakes Colorado
Twin Lakes, Colorado

We found a great campsite and set camp, tent for Jacqie and Braemer, so she could get some unhindered sleep, and CVT rooftop tent for me and the boys! We love that trailer, we can pull it behind the jeep or the Tahoe, and carry as much gear as we possibly need. I have a fantastic heating blanket for the boys in the trailer that makes even the coldest nights quite nice.

A couple pieces of gear we have come to love to have while family camping has been a new and improved potty tent, my Campfire Defender fire blanket, for when its time to go to bed or the wind picks up and you need to quickly and safely put out your fire.

We are looking forward to heading back to Leadville in a couple months to take a ride on the Leadville Train. We will be back to check out other campsites above Twin Lakes, and see how the mountains look hopefully without snow on top. Our campsite was at the trailhead for Mt. Elbert Colorado’s highest peak, at over 14,439, if the snow melts a bit more, then maybe we will try to bag that peak!

Leadville Railroad

What adventures did you take this weekend? I would love to hear, also what things should we check out next time in the Leadville area? Comment below to give us some more ideas.

Welcome to the Outdoors!

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