The Manitou Incline

To many visitors and many residents of Colorado Springs a trip to the Manitou Incline is on the short list of hikes, challenges, goals! As you drive south on I-25 towards Cheyenne Mountain and look out to the west, you can clearly see the staircase ascending straight up the mountain!

Manitou Incline, from I25, in Manitou Springs, Co. Near to Colorado Springs
The Manitou Incline!

That staircase is screaming to be climbed, and many do. In fact the Incline can get quite busy, folks some well prepared and some not so well prepared tie up their shoelaces and set off to ascend the 2744 stair steps, which allow one to gain 1,912 ft of elevation in .95miles.

Recently our TailLife USA troop hit the trail with several trailmen and their families. This was my third time climbing the Manitou Incline and Hudson’s (6.5yrs) first time. It was a warm June morning as we set up with 10 kids and 5 adults all ready for the start, and ready for the finish as well!

After reaching the summit, to a bit a finishers party, top watches are checked, photos are taken and some good hang out time ensues before heading back down. Some take the staircase back down, but most take the Barr Trail a trail that is a little over 3 miles. We opted for that method!

I’m happy to report that all 10 kids, and 5 adults safely made it off the trail.

Please be mindful that hiking the Manitou Incline is serious business, you should serious consider your ability to finish before starting. Make sure you take adequate water, and remember that while we love to hike with our furry friends it is not advisable to bring them on this hike.

Cheers and Welcome to the Outdoors!

5 thoughts on “The Manitou Incline

    1. It really is a lot of fun. Hard work, but well worth the effort. When you are done check out Border Burger in Down Town Manitou Springs. Great way to celebrate!


  1. The Manitou Incline is challenging especially when you’re not used to higher elevation. Be prepared! Eric and I did it when it was snowing and we made it in 58 minutes. As a former marathoner, this was a challenge but we did it together. Thanks, Eric!


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