One of the things we have especially enjoyed living in Colorado is the variety of wild animals! I have the joy of driving around this state quite a bit, and I marvel at all the wildlife. It is not uncommon for me to see Elk, Mule Deers, Turkey, Red Tailed Hawks, Owls, Bald Eagles, Big Horn Sheep, Fox, and Coyotes, and this could all be on one drive through this state! One of the more elusive wild animals is the Moose. But we do have them! One weekend we decided it was time to search them out! We headed to the Moose Visitor Center just outside of Gould Colorado near Cameron Pass with the hopes that we would be able to see some of these amazing animals. We set camp in State Forest State Park, yes that is really the name of the place, and started to explore. We headed on a quick hike to the “Moose Overlook” which was a big let down no Moose. After a quick rain, we headed up to Cameron Pass elevation 10,276 feet hoping that along the drive shortly before dusk we may get a glimpse of one of these big, and dangerous guys! As soon as we made the turn at the pass, on the right side of the road in a field were Two young Bull Moose! We stopped and spent a long time taking photos of these guys just hanging out.

After spending a good hour photographing them and getting maybe a little closer than it is advised we headed out, stopping at the visitor center where I picked up a brochure on Moose. That brochure was quite informative in fact I wish I had read it before our Moose encounter!

Did you know that Moose:

  • Are the second deadliest animal in the world
  • They are especially aggressive towards dogs, as they think there are wolves one of their only predators.
  • Moose are getting irritated when the hair on the back of their humps is standing up! (look closely to my photos, the hair is definitely standing up)
  • Moose are Colorado’s largest game animal maxing out around 1,200lbs.

Let me give you some Moose sighting advice, that I wish I had know before heading off on adventure! Moose are crazy dangerous. Keep you distance, do not provoke them, use a long telephoto lens to capture photos, or just sit back and enjoy the scene! Keep your pups on a lease and out of the area of Moose. Braemer, our dog, was kicked by a bull moose hip in Breckenridge in January, Praise the Lord he was just fine. That story I’ll save for another day!

Blessings and get out there. I would love to hear about other places you have seen moose in the great state of Colorado. Please leave a comment below.

Welcome to the Outdoors!

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